Candidates Deserve

A list of rights for all our candidates

We believe that creating great teams means providing great service to the candidates we are fortunate enough to discover. Those candidates are entitled to the highest level of integrity and the utmost consideration in helping to facilitate the next move in their career. They are also entitled to:

Full Disclosure
If we identify you as a candidate for a position with one of our clients, we will provide you with a full disclosure of the client organization and the nature of the position.

An Exclusive Agreement
We create exclusive agreements with our clients to find the right individuals to form their winning teams. We know that without this kind of agreement, executive candidates could have their resumes floated in a pool of candidates rather than selected for the specific position for which they are a precise match.

Complete Confidentiality
A failure to maintain the confidentiality of an executives interest in a new position can have disruptive results. We assure the confidentiality of all of our candidates’ information and intent.

Constant Communication
Executive search can often take a considerable amount of time. So, we provide regular updates on search progress and are quick to respond to inquiries from our candidates. We will also provide an honest appraisal of all opportunities and transparency in regards to a clients interest.

Respect and Consideration
Candidates for executive positions are likely to have extensive commitments and limited time. We understand that and will treat all of our candidates with respect for their time and consideration for their responsibilities.